Welcome to Simila, where high quality of walnut kernels, in shell walnuts and pumpkin seeds are our business.
     Our company is located in the best quality walnuts zone, in the North of Romania. Romanian walnuts the tastiest and healthiest one, because it is produced naturally in forests or by small farmers, and 100% natural. 
     Simila is main producer and exporter company of  walnut in shell, walnut kernels and pumpkin seeds to worldwide. Located best walnut zone of eastern Europe and founded in 2005. Walnut kernel obtained from walnut shelling machine  or  hand cracking walnuts.  Walnut kernels, After cracking gets to walnut kernel drying machine and then walnut sorting line. After sorting walnut kernels packed  according to  main colors and sizes, like Walnut kernel halves, walnut kernel mix, walnut kernel quarters and walnut kernel broken pieces. Colors are Extra light walnut kernels, light walnut kernels, Amber Walnut Kernels , and Dark Amber Walnut Kernels. Walnut Kernels packed with vacuum or without to ten kg white cartoon boxes.In shell walnuts packed 1, 5, 10 and 25 kg sacks according to their sizes, like 28, 30, 32 mm and bigger.

     Simila aware of quality,sincerity,seriousness, fair trade, reliability, continuity. Simila’ mission is to satisfy our clients and remain as a main walnut kernel  supplier year around. Aiming quality for all walnut products and walnut processing lines.




Str. Victoriei, nr. 20,
Jud. Botosani
E-mail: simila.impex@gmail.com
Tel: 0331 711 509
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